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Our time together is precious – so why waste it hanging around in town ogling pretty dresses when we could be burying ourselves under autumn leaves, playing pooh sticks or baking peanut butter cookies? A friend I caught up with soon after making the resolution revealed she’d vowed to do the same thing several years ago when her own little girl was a baby. “I didn’t want her to grow up thinking this is what women do,” she explained. “Shopping for clothes should be a necessity rather than a leisure activity.” Since I still harbour several items of clothing from the Nineties, I was already on-trend for 2016 – and with a wardrobe accumulated over 20 years it wasn’t a question of running out of things to wear. However, I didn’t bank on the obstacles that might scupper my good intentions. In January, just one month after making the resolution, I got a swanky new job in an office that requires smart threads as standards. After years of getting away with scruffy work clothes, I was in a spot of sartorial bother. But the get-out clause of charity shop purchases had been written into the imaginary contract of my ‘no clothes’ resolution, with a caveat of only buying what was truly necessary. So a smart suit jacket from Next and a postbox red business dress from M&S, plus a pair of tailored grey trousers from Whistles were all picked up for less than a fiver each at charity shops in Horsforth, Headingley and Skipton. Deep down I knew I was still allowing myself to experience the thrill of retail therapy – the bargains, the novelty, the browsing-with-intent all got my pulse racing a little bit faster.

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