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However, Britain's desire for increased trade could clash with Trump's protectionist stance. May said she would also raise the value of the NATO military alliance during the meeting. She called it the "bulwark" of Europe's defense system. Trump has rattled European allies by suggesting NATO is "obsolete" and that the United States might not come to the aid of countries that don't meet targets for their own defense spending. May maintained that Trump understands NATO's vital role. European leaders worry about a watering down of the NATO role given the increasingly aggressive actions by Russia in recent years. The prime minister didn't directly answer questions about whether she will use Friday's meeting to challenge Trump over derogatory comments he has made about women. May criticized crude remarks of his that surfaced during the presidential campaign. But she said she would speak out if she finds his future behavior or comments "unacceptable." May said she has a long track record promoting equal rights for women, adding that she is proud to be Britain's second female prime minister. "When I sit down, I think the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female prime minister, prime minister of the United Kingdom, directly taking to him about the interests that we share," she said.

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