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With Scottie Pippen dealing with his now infamous migraine headache, the Bulls were only competitive for a quarter as the Pistons rolled to a 19-point victory. In the Palace the Bulls learned two things: They were good but not good enough.Mindset and muscle were enough to offset the team's offensive firepower, proven over the course of six-straight playoff defeats in the building. Jordan famously spent $40,000 on new weight lifting equipment in his house that offseason to train for the rigors of the postseason - specifically a likely rematch with the Pistons the next year. The Bulls showed signs of their maturation the next year when the finally won a regular season game in The Palace after three years of failing to do so on February 7, 1991. It really did the trick in the Eastern Conference Finals nearly four months later when a Bulls team, hardened by their experience in Auburn Hills, finally had the strength to take down their foe. In fitting fashion, the Bulls won Game 3 and 4 of the series to finish off a sweep while giving the franchise their first Eastern Conference championship. Who cares if the majority of the Pistons starters left early without shaking their hands, the Bulls had taken the elusive step and it opened the doors for the most successful era of the franchise. Six championships would follow in the next eight years. Jordan would grow into the game's greatest player. All of these were shaped by a couple of nightmarish lessons learned in the classroom that was The Palace. Hence it was a shame for the era to end so quietly on Monday.

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