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Bugbee School were found at the top of Maple Street, the forerunner to todays State University College at Oneonta. Only a few years remained before the college began expanding to the hillside north of these two buildings. Old Main was razed in 1977. Bus routes at that time were along River Street, an East End to West End run, as well as to and from West Oneonta. A CHANGE IN SHOPPING HABITS Many fondly recall the Thursday night tradition in Oneonta as being a busy shopping night in the downtown business district. However it wasnt always that way, as stores commonly stayed open late on Saturday nights. Change was ahead. In spite of a 5 to 1 vote by rural residents for Saturday night shopping hours, readers of The Star learned on March 6, The merchants division of the Chamber of Commerce turned its attention yesterday to the problem of summer hours, having already voted to remain open Thursday nights. A poll of 2,000 was taken in 67 communities during the early months of 1947. Of 682 ballots returned 554 favored Saturday nights; 117 wanted Thursday nights, and 11 expressed no choice. Being essentially the anchor store in downtown Oneonta at the time, Bresees Oneonta Department Store placed an advertisement in the March 8 edition of The Star, telling of a much larger survey the store had taken, which overwhelmingly favored Thursday night shopping. No doubt, Bresees had the larger influence.

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