A Spotlight On Details In Sleepwear

It also made it to the second spot on the Amazon bestseller list for poetry. Following this popularity, it was picked up for a second print by Andrews McMeel Publishing, and now Rupi Kaur, a woman who, two years ago, only Instagrammers had heard of, is a worldwide sensation. She recently signed two book deals. Kaur is what The Guardian calls an InstaPoet a poet who has become famous in the universe of the photoblogging site, Instagram. In a recent piece, The Guardian said that she has fashioned a career out of forcing herself into places where shes least expected; whether its The New York Times bestseller list or challenging social media to rethink how it sees menstruation. By now, its hard to say whether Kaur is famous because of the poetry she has been posting on Instagram, accompanied by drawings, or because of the controversy she created on social media in March 2015, when she posted an image of herself fully-dressed, with a blood stain on her pajamas and a coin-sized patch of ชุด นอน pantip menstrual blood on her bed. The picture was part of a series of photos for a visual rhetoric course, to engage critical discussion using non-verbal media, in her final year at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Instagram banned the picture: We removed your post because it doesnt follow our Community Guidelines, Kaur was told by email. The mail inspired her to fight back.

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