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Close share panel Love it or loathe it your job can play a role in defining you. When these business people faced life-changing injuries and illnesses they set about creating their own companies which would work for them. The designer: After the rock fall Media captionHow Rob Smith helps disabled people get a grip Rob Smith had been studying engineering at Warwick University when he fell down a rock face and into a gully while on holiday with friends. The back injury he sustained paralysed him from the waist down and impaired the use of his hands. "When I came out of hospital I wanted to get back into what I was doing before, such as taking up new sports," he says. "But I was struggling to grip items in the gym with my poor hand function so I developed something to enable me to do that on my own." Smith tried many prototypes until he developed Active Hands, a grip-aid which goes over the hand and straps around the item that needs to be picked up. Image caption Using a system of straps the Active Hand can help someone to grip an item "A lot of the guys I was playing wheelchair rugby with at the time saw what I'd made and said 'that's really good can you make one for me?' So we started making a few more and that's how it developed." So popular was the gadget that more than 100 Paralympians used it during the 2016 Games and about half of stock is sold overseas. This year's turnover is expected to be 250,000. Smith says: "It really does empower disabled people and helps them to become more active and to get more access to activities that would otherwise just be impossible because of their weak hand function. "We're really proud to be able to be a business and also help out those people to gain independence." Disability Works The BBC's business and economics unit is looking at how businesses work with people with disabilities and how disabled people have made business work for them A range of stories will feature across online, TV and radio from 20-24 February 2017 On Twitter and Facebook you can follow the hashtag #DisabilityWorks and at the end of the week you can download the Ouch podcast The baker: Taking a leap Media captionJacob Anthony is struggling to make his artisanal bakery a success Jacob Anthony set up Loaf and Ladder Secret Bakery in Tonypandy, South Wales just a month ago after deciding his cerebral palsy and job as a hotel chef were incompatible.

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